Why Your Business Needs SMM

You might be surprised how important it is.

SMM is “social media marketing.” It differs from SEO or “search engine optimization,” though both deal with the internet. SEO relates to how easily someone can find your business through a Google search, while SMM deals with traffic on your social media account and how it correlates to the success of your business. It’s worth mentioning, however, that SMM can help boost your SEO. The more traffic your social media accounts get, the more easily they’ll show up on Google.

SMM ranges from promotion to spreading information about news and updates to expanding your network.  When you set up social media accounts for your business, when you share links to your website or talk about special deals you’ll be offering for your business on Facebook or  Snapchat, that’s all SMM.  When you’re starting out in one field and you start following Twitter accounts of users in that field and engaging in relevant hashtags, that’s SMM.

Most businesses started out using more straightforward social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or the business-based LinkedIn.  In the past few years, however, businesses have branched out to platforms like Instagram or even Snapchat, where they can host product launches and special events in real time. If a social media platform exists, businesses have a way to use it.

The pervasiveness of social media has been the cause of much commentary and critique in recent years. Social media is often seen as this millennial beast that’s grown too large and now people can’t live without it. While some say that social media is keeping us as humans from being able to connect with one another, others feel that social media makes it easier to connect with people you love who are far away as instantly as if they were here. When it comes to business, no matter where your opinion of social media falls, the fact is it’s a marketing tool you have to use to succeed.

SMM isn’t just one form of marketing that can be interchanged with any other. It is, hands down, the most essential and most successful marketing tactic out there in today’s society. SMM has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. It is the most efficient way to put your brand out there and to respond to your customers’ questions. Why? Because of that very pervasive nature of social media. Everyone is on social media anymore: your customers as well as your competition. If you don’t utilize SMM, your competitors will.

It’s also your best marketing strategy because it is undoubtedly the most affordable marketing strategy. It costs nothing to sign up for a Facebook account. Certain social media analytics companies might charge a small fee in order to track your success, but for the most part, promoting your business and networking on social media is absolutely free. For many small businesses who don’t have much money to spend, free marketing is an offer they simply can’t pass up.

When you register for your own glapprapps app for Google and Apple, the app will come with links to all of your social media accounts on the first page. When any of your customers download your app, the first thing they’ll see is links to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Seeing the buttons right there on the home page will be a daily reminder for them to check in to your social media accounts, which will not only mean more social media traffic for you, but your business will be fresher on the minds of your customers.

All that and more on your app for just $10/mth with no set-up fees or contracts? It’s a deal that’s hard to pass up.

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