Why Glappr Apps is Taking on the Software Development Giants – For You

When you’re a small business or a freelance artist, every dollar counts–every dollar you make and every dollar you spend. Start-up small business owners have enough costs to worry about: rent or payments on their building, inventory, marketing and promotional cost, accounting services. The list could go on. So, when a small business owner decides their business could be helped with an app, their funds are probably already stretched pretty thin. They go online or call a software developer to get an estimate of what their app would cost. What would you guess? A hundred dollars? A thousand? Two thousand even?

Try tens of thousands. In fact, try this cost calculator. What was your estimate by the end? $30,000? Maybe more? There are reasons for this, of course. Software developers have certain costs: a creative team, app testers, researchers, the software itself. They need to be able to make a profit, like any other business. That doesn’t change the crippling blow that the cost of a $30,000 app can inflict on a new restaurant still building its customer base. And that’s nothing compared to what you might pay for a custom app from one of the software giants: expect to pay somewhere between $100,000 and $500,000.

The problem is digital marketing has become so crucial to the success of a business that many small businesses need apps to really stand out against their competition. Big software companies know this, and they’re happy to make you pay for it. So, what happens if you pay all that money for your app and it isn’t what you needed or it doesn’t take with your customers? Should you just take the chance that you might waste tens of thousands of dollars for nothing?

Well, with Glappr Apps you don’t have to.

If software giants are the proverbial Goliath, think of Glappr Apps as David. Our weapon is a simple, easy-to-read, easy-to-use interface with all you need for your small business app: links to all your social media, information about your business, a gallery, contact information and directions to your store. Push notifications to keep your customers up-to-date about any special offers or news for your business. All your essentials registered on Google and Apple stores for a very manageable $85/year.  Your Glappr App is pay-as-you-go, with no locked in contracts. If after a year, you feel it hasn’t worked out for you, you can cancel it. We want to help your business thrive, not set you back by charging as much as possible.

So, why not order yours today? For just $85, the newest start-up restaurant can easily afford to invest in their own app. Help your business grow, and help us continue taking on the big name software developers…one app at a time.

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