What Can Glappr Do For Hairdressers?

You’ve probably noticed there seems to be an app for everything: an app for music, an app for banking, an app for navigation. But have you ever seen an app for hairdressers? Do any of your competitors have an app? An app for businesses like hairdressers might not be as heard of as apps for bingewatching your favorite TV shows, but they’re out there, and they’re more useful than you might think. Here are some ways that having an app can help boost your hairdressing business:

You’ll Book More Appointments

The home page of your Glappr App will showcase everything potential clients need to know in order to book an appointment with your salon or barber shop: your location on Maps, your phone number, an “About” page describing your business and services, as well as a gallery and links to all your social media accounts. The easier you make it for people to contact you, the more frequently they’ll do so. If they can reach you simply by pressing a button on their phone, that will be a huge boost in choosing you over a competitor.

You’ll Receive More Referrals

Think about it from the customer’s perspective: you have a friend who wants to get their hair cut or dyed and they ask you for recommendations. You could rattle off a list of names for them to hopefully remember to look up later–or you could just show them your hairdresser’s app. Simply by pulling the app up on their phone, your customers can show their friends everything your business has to offer them. It also makes a great impression on younger customers to see hairdressers that have moved to the 21st century.  Remember, millennials spend an average of 90 hours each month using mobile apps. Imagine how many of those millennials could be using your app and suggesting it to their friends?

You’ll Be Able to Instantly Tell Your Customers About Special Offers

Every Glappr App comes with push notifications which can be sent from your own app portal (accessible from any device). You just type in the message, hit send, and the message will instantly go out to everyone with your app downloaded. So, if you have a deal on, say, highlights or shaves for the weekend, you can blast the news of that special offer to all of your customers at once. Even if they don’t need a hairdresser at the moment, they can suggest the deals to their friends, and you can just sit back and watch your number of walk-ins swell.

These are just a few ways that having an app could help double or triple your hairdressing business. But when searching for an app, don’t pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a custom app. With Glappr Apps, we’ll create an app for you and register it to Google and Apple for just $85/year. No set-up fees and no locked-in contracts. If you decide the apps not for you, you can cancel at any time. So, what do you have to lose? Click here to order your own Glappr App.

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