Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

We live in an era that thrives on the digital. Consumers use the internet and smartphones in ways that the original inventors would never have been able to imagine. Almost any data and information can be stored in the cloud and accessed from any device. And businesses rely on digital marketing to get customers interested in their business. Digital marketing is the most important marketing campaign your business can have and it changes from year to year, month to month, sometimes even day to day, based on the changing of technology. It’s important to keep up with the latest trends to keep your digital marketing fresh and relevant. Here are some of the top trends that have cropped up this year.

Brands Changing to Connect with their Customer Base

In the past, it was more difficult for businesses to connect with their customers. Customers had to write letters or leave a content card or write a review. With social media, that changed and businesses and customers became more accessible to each other. Now, customers can plainly tell businesses what they think just by tweeting them: what they like about their business and what they dislike. In 2017, businesses have been listening to that and adjusting their brands accordingly. One example of this is the brand revolution movement, in which brands have reacted to things going on in our social and political climate today to connect with consumers on a cultural level.

Live Video

When Facebook live and Periscope broke into the digital marketing scene, they changed the way that businesses do videos. Now instead of carefully producing a video and spending hours editing it, businesses can now just broadcast promotional videos to the internet in real time. This is something consumers love, as evidenced by the fact that audiences were willing to watch 40 minutes of live footage that was just Buzzfeed employees putting rubber bands on a watermelon to cause it to explode. Live video helps your customers to feel like they’re part of what you’re doing, and makes them more personally invested in your business.

Mobile Apps

There are now more devices on earth than there are human beings. Almost everyone has both a phone and a computer, and many have tablets in addition to phones and computers. As such, mobile apps are ever on the rise in the digital marketing world. Mobile apps combine smart phone usage with social media usage, making this perhaps the biggest pool of consumers for digital marketing yet. From banks to theatres to hairdressers and restaurants, even independent models and artists are cashing in on this trend. And while mobile apps are not always the cheapest option, they don’t have to cost your business an arm and a leg. With Glappr Apps, you can have your own app registered on Google and Apple for just $85/year.

Glappr Apps has everything you could need in a mobile app: a gallery, contact information, directions to your store, and most importantly, links to all your social media accounts. With the push of a button, your customers can find everything they need to know about your business. With a push of a button from your computer, you can send them messages about special offers and news to keep them posted. So, why not order yours today? It’s just $85/year with no set-up fees or locked-in contracts.

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