Top 5 Marketing Resources for Small Business

Top 5 Marketing Resources for Small Business Owners

Marketing can be a challenge for small business owners. There are so many other things to worry about, like, you know, actually running your business. But marketing is essential to keeping your business afloat, challenging or not. If customers don’t know about your business or what you can do for them, how will you make a profit? You have to make time to actively reach out to your target audience if you want your business to succeed. Fortunately, there are resources available to you.

5.    Small Business Networking Events

Pack your business cards and your pen and find a local get-together for business professionals. These may be specific to your industry or they may be for small businesses in general. Conferences or meet-and-greets are a great way to learn about the trends of your industry and different tricks of the trade, both when it comes to running your business and marketing your business. It’s also an opportunity for you to put your brand out there and talk to other professionals about what you do, and what you can do for them. Soak up everything you can learn and collect as many business cards as you pass out. You never know how those connections may come in handy.

4.    Job Boards

Whether you’re a small business that needs to hire or a freelancer or sole proprietor that needs to put your own services out there, you should be checking out job boards. LinkedIn is a terrific platform both for those seeking employees and those seeking customers. Showcase your business on your profile, connect with others in the industry, and check out the up-to-date job board. LinkedIn will even send you emails about jobs that might suit your skills. If you’re a freelancer, a freelance marketplace can also be a big help.

3.   A Website with a Blog

Everything is online now, so if your business doesn’t have a website, chances are it will be much harder for people to find. When you build a website, it also helps to include a blog. Original content relevant to your industry will help boost your SEO, so your website will be one of the first results to appear on search engines. Informative blog posts about your industry will be helpful to your target audience, and provides you a way to explain how you can help readers without being too pushy.

2.   Associations and Memberships

Organizations like SBA (Small Business Association) and SCORE offer mentoring, loans, and small business training that can help you learn everything you need to know about putting your business out there (without the costs running it into the ground). If you have the opportunity, joining your local Chamber of Commerce will open you up to all kinds of networking events and marketing resources, as well.

1.    Social Media & Mobile Apps

It’s 100% free, and it’s one of the fastest ways to start a buzz about your business.  You can connect with your customers instantly, advertise any news for your business to thousands of followers, post live videos to promote special events. In today’s digital age, you can’t afford not to have an active social media presence in your marketing campaign. But even more essential than social media in today’s society are mobile apps.

With a small business mobile app, your customers can access everything they need to know about your business simply by clicking on the app logo: your social media, your contact information, directions to your store, and information about what your business does. You can also send push notifications when you have a special event or news to promote, so the news will instantly go to the phones of every customer who downloaded your app. And while custom mobile apps are notoriously expensive, that doesn’t have to be the case. With a Glappr App, you can have a mobile app registered to Apple and Google stores for just $85/year. No set-up fees and no locked-in contracts. Order yours today and put your business on the map with social media and mobile app marketing.

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