Social Media Made Easier With Glappr Apps

Social media is the most efficient marketing resource you have at your disposal as a small business owner. It provides a way for you to keep a pulse on your customers and what they want, as well as a way for customers to find and connect with your business. Social media is the best way to generate a buzz about your business and put your name out there. A study by Mediakix claims that the average consumer spends almost two hours each day on social media and about 5 years of their life overall. This is where all your future customers are. This is where you are.  So, why haven’t you found each other?

If you’re not posting actively on social media, that might be your first problem. If a customer sees that your account has been quiet since May, they won’t be inclined to follow you. Each social media format works differently, so do your research to know when and how frequently you should update each account. Coschedule has a helpful collection of studies covering when to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. You may not be making the most of that social media platform’s resources, like hashtags, recommendations, and pinned posts. Or maybe you have all that down. Maybe your problem lies in following up on those connections.

You probably have multiple social media accounts at this point, and maybe you’re active and efficient on them all. Maybe you even go so far as to post crosslinks so that your followers have the opportunity to follow you more broadly. But even if you’re making the best effort you can, it might still fall through the cracks and they miss your post completely. Sometimes that’s just unavoidable, right?

Wrong, because Glappr Apps has the solution you need. At Glappr Apps, we create custom apps for small businesses registered to Apple and Google stores. With your own small business app, every customer who downloads the app will have links to all your social media accounts, right there on the front page in a neat, easy-to-read interface. Simply by opening the app on their phones, they will have access to all your social media accounts, even the ones they hadn’t known about before.  They’ll follow those social media accounts, and your name will pop up in their followers’ recommendations. Your buzz is as good as created.
Best of all? Glappr Apps is only $85/year with no set-up fees or locked-in contracts, compared to hundreds of thousands of dollars you could pay to have an app made elsewhere. If you register for a Glappr App and you aren’t satisfied, you can just cancel. Simple as that. But when you see the improvement to your social media marketing, we don’t think you’ll want to. So, why not give it a try? Register for your Glappr App today.

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