How to Get Kids Interested in Art

There are numerous benefits to getting kids interested in art, even at a young age. Art helps kids to be more aware of the world around them, improves comprehension, and boosts confidence. Artistic children are shown to be more empathetic and compassionate. They’re filled with a desire to make the world a better place. Even if art simply gives your child a healthy way to express their thoughts and feelings, it’s still a great reason to get your kid interested.

But children have notorious attention spans, and art can be a painstaking process. How do you get them interested in art in the first place, and hold their attention so that art can take root in their life?

Give their imagination free reign

The freest imagination is that of a child’s. They’re not bogged down by social constructs and logic. They see no reason why a sheep should not be blue or a house should not look like an egg. That’s an artist’s dream, but it’s something that’s often choked out of us as we get older. If you want your child to be truly interested in art, don’t start with rules and structure. Just give them colors and a blank piece of paper and let them do the rest.

Even if it looks like a mess, they’re having fun with it and it sparks an interest. After all, maybe their artistic style is just too sophisticated for mom and dad to understand, right?

Make art with them

Take them shopping with you when you go to pick up art supplies. Let them decide what colors they want to use or pick out their own sketchbook. Then when you go home, set aside a day or a time to do art together. Even if it’s something silly like a coloring book or finger painting, kids will be more interested if it’s a group activity.

Choose something they can interact with. Fingerpainting might be a mess to clean, but kids will love the chance to use their hands. Coloring books are a good way to engage their interest. Again, don’t bog them down with rules. Just let them use their imagination. If they want their princess to have purple hair, she should absolutely have purple hair. You can even follow their example and color the frog in your coloring book red to get a smile out of them.

It’s the digital age–teach them to draw with an app!

There’s an app for everything these days, including teaching your kids how to draw. Drawn In is a great app that teaches kids to draw through word association. It gives them a word like “hot” and a blank screen on the next page that allows them to draw whatever “hot” looks like to them. When they’re finished, the app will pull up other pictures to compare. It’s a great way to practice without the permanence of putting something on paper. The more they use the app, the better their drawing skills will become and the more they’ll love drawing. You might even love it, too, if you give the app a shot.

The best part about Drawn In is that it’s completely free. Check it out in your local Google store and see the app that’s getting kids everywhere interested in art.

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