How the Glappr App Might be the Best Thing for Your Restaurant

Restaurants need digital marketing just as much as bookstores or theatres or freelancers. In any business, it’s important to get a buzz going and the fastest way to do that is through social media. But you probably knew that. You registered accounts for your restaurant months ago on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram–maybe even Snap? What you haven’t covered yet is the realm of smart phones: apps.

You have your reasons for not downloading an app yet. Apps are expensive. They’re just one more thing for you to have to manage and you already have your hands full. Besides, you’re not even sure you need an app. You have plenty of followers on Twitter, after all. Your inbox is overflowing with messages. But how many of those followers actually make it to your restaurant? Buzz is great, but you also need to engage and show people why they should come to your restaurant. A mobile app is the way to do that. Fortunately, Glappr app might be just what you need.

It’s Affordable, Even for a Start-Up Restaurant

Custom mobile apps are infamous for their high costs. Having an app made for your business can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s not the case with Glappr App. For just $85/year, we’ll create a basic app for you and register it to Apple and Google stores. There are no set-up fees and no locked-in contracts, so if you decide at any time that $85/year is still too much, you can cancel. But we don’t think that will be a problem.

It’s Easy to Navigate and Maintain

If you’re a busy restaurant owner already in over your head with responsibilities, then the Glappr app is an even better fit! This app is incredibly easy to use and to manage. It has a simple interface with a nice design that’s easy to maintain and navigate. The homepage will have links to everything your customers need: your social media accounts, your phone number, location on Maps, information about your business and galleries. You will have a portal which can be accessed from any device from which you can access your app and send push notifications. It takes almost no time at all, and then you can get back to the more important things like running your business.

It Will Help Get Customers In the Door

One of the best ways to get customers in the door? Special offers. One of the best ways to let your customers know about special offers? Your own Glappr App. From your portal, you’ll see a place where you can send push notifications. Are you having a deal on pastas or burgers? Do you have a new dish that you’re excited to share with your customers? Just type up a quick message and hit send. It will instantly ping on the smartphones of anyone who has downloaded your app. There’s no risk, as there is with social media posts, that you’ll post and not everyone will see the news. With push notifications, it’s a sure thing that everyone will see it and someone will show up.

Convinced yet? There are plenty of other ways that having a Glappr app can boost your customer base and make your restaurant the one everyone’s talking about. Why don’t you try it out to see just how much it can help your restaurant? For just $85/year and no locked-in contracts if the app doesn’t work for you, there’s not much to lose, and so much to gain.

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