5 Ways to Turn Likes Into Customers

Why is your business on social media? To keep your customers up-to-date about any news and offers you have? To keep up with your competition? To win over new customers? Chances are, the last one is one of your primary reasons for putting your business on social media. But you might find that finding new customers is more difficult than you thought. Even though you have thousands of followers and people interacting with you on social media all the time, you don’t seem to be getting any leads. Today, we have 5 tips for bridging the gap between social media connections and business relationships.

1.   Plan Your Campaign

The most effective marketing strategies take planning. Long before you start to reach out to someone, you should have a full plan outlining all the steps you’ll take and how long you plan to spend on the campaign. You should plot out at least two weeks. First, you want to follow potential customers on social media. Then start liking their posts to build up a relationship. Next, reach out to them. Eventually, you should bring things around to how they could benefit from your product or services.

2.   Interact With Them

If you notice someone liking your posts, like a few of their posts in return. Retweet from them and share some of the things they’re excited about so you can show that you’re excited about it, too. Send them a message and say hi or thank them for following you. Be genuine in your interactions. It’s tempting to use a bot because of the sheer volume of contacts, but a genuine conversation is much more likely to win customers over. If you send them an automated message, barraging them with links and obvious advertising pitches, most customers will find you too impersonal and they’ll lose interest.

3.   Connect on Other Social Media Platforms

Once you’ve started a conversation with your social media contact, suggest connecting on other social media platforms. Maybe you’re on Twitter, but you also have Facebook and Instagram. Send them a few links, and if they send you links in return, follow them. Again, genuine interaction and interest is key here. It’s hard to remember sometimes, but on the other side of the computer is a person, not just a potential customer. The best way to win them over as a customer is to treat them as a person.

4.   Offer Them Exclusive Content

If you think that someone would be a really terrific customer or influencer, you can sweeten the pot by offering them exclusive content. That content might be an exclusive video relating to their interests or a free test run of your latest product. You might offer them 40% off their first purchase because you’re so confident that they’ll come back. Send this offer privately, through direct messaging or, better yet, tell them you’d like to send them an email about a special offer.

5.   Get Them to Download Your App

Social media is a great tool, but there’s no way that your customers will see every one of your social media posts all the time. They have lives and things to do. An easier way to keep them constantly up-to-date about your business is to get them to download your app. Through your app, they can access everything they need to know about your business, including social media links, simply by clicking a button on their phone. You can also send push notifications through a portal on your PC to let your customers instantly know about any special offers you might have.

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